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Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy    JOINDONATE


ny for womens equality logoThis final week of the legislative session has brought negotiations between all parties interested in the Women’s Equality Agenda in hopes of passing all 10 points. As a member of the Women’s Equality Coalition, LWVNYS was part of the Coalition’s unanimous decision yesterday to send all 10 points of the agenda to the Senate as separate bills.

This strategy was developed in order to get all the bills that comprise the Agenda introduced within the Senate’s time limits. We have commitments for sponsorship on all 10 bills. These bills will be live to be voted on Friday and we are hopeful that all 10 will come to the floor.

The Assembly has introduced the Women’s Equality Act as A8070 which includes all 10 points of the Agenda. The Assembly may vote on this Omnibus bill on Thursday, June 20th but we anticipate that the Assembly will also vote on the 10 separate bills being considered by the Senate if they pass the Senate on Friday.

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