Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy    JOINDONATE
Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy    JOINDONATE


JudieGorensteinEncouraging citizens to be informed voters is a major mission of the League. I was surprised last year to see how many Leagues did not complete the voter service survey that was emailed to them. Many of those Leagues that did complete it indicated problems they encountered while trying to arrange a Meet the Candidates Night or problems they encountered during that night. At the Voter Service workshop during this year’s convention, we began to look at what we do to engage voters and how to have successful candidates’ nights.

It was apparent that there is not an easy answer but that the League members who attended the workshop were motivated to discuss ideas and find some solutions. We decided this workshop was only the beginning of a process and that teleconferences would be beneficial. Carol Mellor (LWVNYS Grassroots Director) has agreed to help in arranging the conferences. Many Leagues take a hiatus during the summer. However, Aug. is also the time to begin planning for Meet the Candidates Nights.

  • Which Leagues would be interested in participating in a teleconference on Meet the Candidates Nights?
  • When is the best time to have this teleconference?
  • Are there other voter service items that League would like to cover: i.e., setting up successful voter service drives, motivating voters, gaining visibility for Vote 411?
  • Contact the state office at 518-465-4162 is you would like to participate in a teleconference on this issue.

This year it will be important to let voters know that Primary Day is on a Thursday, Sept. 10.

Also, anyone who wants to change his/her party affiliation and vote in next year’s presidential primary, must submit the revised voter registration form or change their affiliation on My DMV website by Oct. 9, 2015. Changes in party affiliation must be registered prior to the general election preceding the primary in which the person wants to vote (before November 2015 to vote in primaries in 2016). You can also register to be an organ donor when you register to vote.

Remember that the mission of the League is to engage and encourage citizens to be active and informed voters. All local Leagues, MALS, and ILOs should be doing their part; together we can make a difference.

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