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Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy    JOINDONATE
Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy    JOINDONATE


Judie Gorenstein, VP Voter Services,
Twenty-seven (27) local Leagues submitted their completed voter service surveys.  Here is some of the data that has been collected.


  • 26 of the leagues collected completed voter registration forms. (Only one did not)Most of the leagues delivered them to their Board of Elections.
  • 2 to 100+ drives were conducted.
  • 20 to 3,000+ people were registered.
  • 24 leagues distributed absentee ballot applications.
Leagues distributed them at their events, town halls, libraries, naturalization ceremonies ,health clubs, senior residences, colleges, post offices and train stations as well as on facebook.
  • 4 local Leagues published a local voter guide
  • 1 league had a guide to explain the propositions on their 2016  ballot.

Leagues scheduled from 1 to 5 candidate nights.

  • 3 leagues had to cancel candidate nights
  • 1 cancelled because of a health problem at the location
  • 1 cancelled because of empty chair, one of 2 candidates would not attend

Leagues held forums for primaries, state offices, congressional offices, judges, trustees of school board, and for one county executive.  Nine (9) leagues co-sponsored with other organizations such as AAUW,NAACP, libraries, media, civic associations,  Chambers of Commerce, Zeta Phi beta, JCC, and the Children’s Advocacy Network.

  • Attendance at these forums ranged from 12 people to 250.
  • 24 leagues had questions from the audience
  • 1 league had questions that were not screened.
  • 4 leagues had questions asked by individuals at a microphone.
  • 2 leagues noted small problems that occurred during the Q and A.

The majority of the leagues had their events covered by the media, videotaped  and aired.  They were aired on public access tv, local tv and radio stations, on websites, in social media, and also live streamed.

Eight (8) leagues provided services such as moderating for other organizations including SUNY, PTAS, Democratic Club, and Chambers of Commerce.

There were more leagues that did not use TV or radio than did use it.  The same was true for letters to the editors and PSA.
  • 11 leagues sent letters to the editor,
  • 10 leagues used TV or radio appearances and only three used PSAs.
  • 4 leagues collected contact information during voter registration drives but only two used these for follow calls or emails.
Some leagues tried to turn out the Vote by using twitter, bus signs, others by having mock elections at high schools, others were involved in phone banks for the primary, and one by having a banner “Vote It Counts” at a busy intersection.


13 leagues participated in swearing in ceremonies.  Many who did not indicated there was none held in their area.
We know that a lot of other Leagues did similar activities but just didn’t complete and return the voter service survey. Thanks to all who did!


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