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Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy    JOINDONATE
Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy    JOINDONATE

Monthly Message: April 2013

daffodilsA friend of mine from my college days at University of California, Davis sent me this picture of daffodils which I planted.  She likes the reminder they bring her each spring of our great times together!

The picture reminds me of my dear friend, but also of all the daffodils I have planted over the years at each home I have lived; it also reminds me of the perennial nature of things in my life.

I think here on Students in Albany, the continuing efforts we make as League to protect Voting Rights, the hearings on cases the United States Supreme Court listens to each and every spring.  We need our spring this year, especially after Sandy on October 29, 2012, that nor’easter a week later, and then a few notable snows.  Life is indeed both good and comforting. As always, League continues to be filled with activity.  Although we lost the main battle to the far from perfect GOP map, League and other good government groups succeeded in getting significant changes to the map that was finally passed.  It seems there is real interest on both sides of the aisle to make changes to the Nassau County Charter on the redistricting process for 2020.

The Coalition we joined back in November wants to continue its work in this regard with the rewriting of the sections in the Nassau County Charter on Redistricting (we are seeking additional grant funding). There is now the redistricting in the Town of Hempstead which affects all of us here in League in Southwest Nassau, as well as Leagues in Central and East Nassau.

The Women’s Equality Agenda and Coalition in the last weeks have taken on much greater importance for League and the state’s legislature.  Southwest Nassau continues to discuss the County Sewage Treatment Centers and how we will proceed to make the public aware of the situation and need for funding to correct the serious issues at the Bay Park Facility.

I hope all of you are looking forward as much as I am to hearing at our annual meeting on June 13th from  Samantha Cohen and her experiences as our Student in Albany, the County Convention in Port Washington come May 22nd with the incredible guest speaker Barbara  Bartoletti , and our pot luck get together Saturday April 13th when we can reacquaint after our long winter.

Nancy Rosenthal


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