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Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy    JOINDONATE


SallyRobinsonThe State League Needs You!

We are looking for volunteers for three different issues-related committees. Please email me (or Laura@lwvny.org) with any questions about the committees.

If you have an interest in serving on the study committee for the Legislative Procedures update, please contact the state office (Katrina@lwvny.org). The update would be focused on two aspects of our current position in particular, although it might consider other parts

  • the reference to a part-time legislature
  • the ambiguous reference to length of terms.

A recent LWVUS announcement interpreted the Meeting Basic Human Needs position to permit state and local Leagues to lobby in support of raising state or local minimum wages or adopting a living wage position. The state League is forming a committee of League volunteers to look at the issue and possibly make a recommendation on a state minimum wage to the Board. For more information on the minimum age concurrence, contact Carol Mellor, Grassroots Lobby director (Carolmellor140@gmail.com).

We are also forming a long-range program planning committee to look at the last decade or two of program planning, what studies and updates were undertaken, and analyze the effort involved and the results. Please email or call the state office (Katrina@lwvny.org or 518-465-4162) if you are interested in serving on either committee.

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