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Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy    JOINDONATE


Every Vote Counts, Every Donor Counts Project Update

The Every Vote Counts, Every Donor Counts voter and organ and tissue donor registration partnership with the New York Alliance for Donation is back in full swing!  Educational sessions on organ and tissue donation have already taken place at the spring workshops in New York City and Round Lake, with additional sessions scheduled for the Syracuse and Buffalo workshops.  To date, 28 local leagues have signed on to participate in this project. Remember that the program is only to make people aware that they have the opportunity to register as an organ donor when they are registering to vote.

Data reporting on this project has been made easier this year.  You are now able to report data online.  Simply visit the following web address to report data on the drives you conduct as part of this campaign:  Remember, it’s important to report drive data only when there is the opportunity to promote donor registration by verbally pointing out the donation section on the voter registration form, and preferably when campaign signage and materials provided by the New York Alliance for Donation are also made available.  We recognize that sometimes you are unable to promote donor registration due to time constraints, so when that is the case, please do not report the data on those drives.

Every Vote Counts, Every Donor Counts Project Data through February 29, 2016

  • Data has been reported from a total of 188 drives.
  • 6,163 voter registration forms were completed and returned at these drives.
  • 2,275 voter registration forms, or 37%, contained donor enrollments.
  • 1,599 voter registration forms were distributed but not completed on site at these drives.

Data from this project also shows the importance of including a member from the donation community at your drives.  The presence of a donation community member greatly increased the percentage of donor enrollments on the voter registration form.  Each organ and tissue donation organization in New York State serves a designated service area, or DSA that encompasses a number of counties.  We encourage you to partner with the organ and tissue donation organization serving your area, particularly during high traffic drives, as we move forward with this project to ensure the greatest number of lives saved. You can find the contact information for your regional donation representative at the following URL:

Because of the results from last year’s program, this year stipends are available to encourage your League to work with the organ donor organizations in your area to coordinate the drives and to return theTracking Forms.

Stipends are available as follows:

  • $100 (one-time) for Local Leagues who are new to the program this year, are educated on topic and obtain Board agreement to participate;
  • $250 (max) to pay for a new location for a voter registration drive if there is a “table rental” fee;
  • $100 (one-time) to local League if they coordinate training or voter registration drives with their regional organ donation organization;
  • $25 ($200 max) for each Tracking Form completed and returned (to encourage more drives and more returned tracking forms) – completed on paper or online at;
  • 500 free Voter Guide Part I (and half price for more);
  • Promotional materials free from NYAD (coming soon).

We look forward to continuing this successful and rewarding partnership during this exciting election year!

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