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Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy    JOINDONATE
Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy    JOINDONATE

DEI Self-Assessment Surveys

Many thanks to those who have completed or are near completion of the DEI Assessment Survey! Several have begun to come in to meet the deadline of April 1st, from both LWV individual members and from local Boards. It is a good sign that there are not many questions but please do not hesitate to ask should questions arise.

Also, I have approved several local League Boards for an extension in their submission deadline. If your board needs an extension, please email me asap so I know who is looking to provide input into the question of LWVNYS policies, practices, and behaviors impacted by the principals of DEI. 

Note: Due to the delay in issuing the DEI Survey, the deadline for all members, as well as for Boards, is extended from April 1st … to April 15th. (Those that have consulted with me have their own specified deadline which we have agreed upon.) If anyone is missing the email blast containing the links to the PDF version (for review) and to Google Forms (for final survey submission) to the LWVNYS DEI Assessment Survey, here they are for your retrieval: 

PDF of DEI Survey

LINK for DEI Survey via Google Form

Remember, there are no wrong answers! We only need your honest assessment and impressions to allow the formulation of next steps.


Next DEI Education Event via ZOOM – SAVE THE DATES!

What do NY kids learn about our racist history? And what do you know?

April 17 and April 24, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Registration link

There is serendipity in the world! Long story, but while some States fight against understanding the complete history of this country, some in NYS are making history in its entirety more accessible!

Case in point… Rochester Metro Area LWV awardees for “Making Democracy Work”, elementary school teachers, Kesha James and Shane Wiegand, are working on their Antiracist Curriculum Project. It entails lesson plans for K-12 teachers covering the history of slavery in New York as well as racist policies in the 20th century which have made residential segregation deeply entrenched.

They also teach about the resistance to slavery and racism. Yes, fellow Leaguers …slavery existed in the North! The lesson plans and other content are adapted to our adult audience and presented with teaching techniques. All members of the LWVNYS are invited as well as League friends and partners.

Mondays, April 17th and April 24th, join us in this two-part learning event brought to the LWVNYS and hosted by Pathstone. Co-sponsored by the Rochester Metro Area LWV.

DEI Virtual Drop-In Meeting: This occurred on Wednesday, March 8th, and we give a heartfelt thank you to the featured guest, Ms. Freddie Hamilton. She serves as the President of the Utica/Oneida County NAACP for the 2023-2025 term, is the Executive Director of Rebuilding the Village, Inc., a Community-Based Organization serving at-risk children, youth, and families in Cornhill and West Utica, and has been a Cultural Competency/ Racial Equity Consultant for 12 years.

We very much enjoyed her input! “SAVE THE DATE” for the next DEI Drop-In Session, scheduled for 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm, Wednesday, May 3rd!


Questions about DEI in the League or our activities, please feel free to connect with Regina Tillman:

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