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Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy    JOINDONATE
Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy    JOINDONATE

President’s Message: Calling All Our Members to the Convention


June 3-4, Albany Desmond Hotel

Pre-convention Day with workshop and reception is on June 2nd

LWVNYS board and staff are all busy planning for our 60th convention. Soon you will be receiving the Pre-Convention Kit, with the recommended as well as non-recommended studies, the slate of officers, and the budget, all of which delegates will be voting on at the convention.  There will also be information on workshops, caucuses, speakers, and much more. We are working hard to make this a great convention, but the success of the convention will depend on YOU!

Yes, we would like every member who is interested to attend. As you may know, each League is allotted a designated amount of delegates depending on the number of members in that League. If YOU are interested in attending as a delegate, let your League know. For those who have never attended our conventions before and are concerned about the responsibilities, LWVNYS will be providing the information needed and even holding a Zoom meeting before the convention to answer your questions.

For those who cannot or chose not to be a delegate, know that we want YOU also to attend. Convention offers YOU the opportunity to engage with members from all over the state, to share ideas and experiences, gain knowledge, and really feel a part of this 100+ year-old organization that is more important than ever and continues to make a difference. Help us celebrate our past successes. Help us grow and be ever more vibrant and diverse. We thank everyone who has already registered, have YOU?

Now is the time to begin making your plans. For more information, you can check the LWVNYS website or contact the LWVNYS. To register, click here. To view the full Registration Kit, click here. We are here to help answer any of your questions. YOU, our members, are our greatest asset.  Thank you for being a member. Hope to see YOU at the convention!


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